Our company was successfully shortlisted in the "Shandong Province 2018 second batch of proposed high-tech enterprise list".

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On November 30, 2018 our company received the news of "Notice on Publicizing the List of the Second Batch of High-tech Enterprises to be Recognized in Shandong Province in 2018" issued by Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology. The details are as follows:

     All relevant units:

         According to the relevant provisions of the Administrative Measures for the Recognition of High-tech Enterprises (Guo Ke Fa Huo 2016 32) and the Guidelines for the Recognition and Management of High-tech Enterprises (Guo Ke Fa Huo 2016 195), the list of the second batch of 2,078 enterprises to be recognized as high-tech enterprises in Shandong Province in 2018 (see the Annex for details) is hereby made public, and the period for the publicity is 10 working days.

         And its annex.