Battling high temperature to promote production, the government is concerned about the front line to send a cooler

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The annual high temperature attack, Xinhualun front-line workers are not afraid of high temperature is still working feverishly to carry out production tasks, do not dare to slacken for a moment!

Each process is still strict and serious, meticulous, the heat can not wear down the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the workers, such a work attitude is really touching.

But what is more touching is that the leaders of Ducheng District Federation of Trade Unions do not forget to care and inspire the workers fighting on the front line.

On July 30, 2019, the leaders of the labor union braved the hot weather to send items to prevent heatstroke to Xinhualun employees for high-temperature condolences.

The leaders went out of their way to distribute the items to each employee one by one, and urged everyone to combine work and rest, and more importantly, to reasonably arrange their operations to maintain abundant energy and a good state of mind.

This send cool activity not only in the hot summer for my enterprise staff brought a touch of cool, but also greatly encouraged the will of the majority of employees, so that employees deeply feel the government's real care.

On behalf of our employees, we will express our heartfelt thanks to DeCheng District Federation of Trade Unions and endeavor to actively create good working and living conditions for our employees to ensure that production and operation are carried out in an orderly manner.