What shoes are usually made of

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Lining materials: mainly cotton, goat (sheep) leather, cotton wool, felt, artificial wool, elastic fleece and so on. The back half of the lining of leather shoes is mostly made of soft mountain and sheep leather, and the front half is mostly made of canvas; most of the lining of cloth shoes is made of white cloth or bleached white cloth in the original color; rubber shoes are made of fine canvas as lining. Leather shoes for winter protection are lined with felt or nitrous fur; cotton boots (shoes) are generally lined with a layer of cotton cloth after cotton fluffing, and felt or elasticized velvet can also be used as the lining. Some shoes also use resin foam composite material or artificial wool for lining.

Substrate: There are mainly hard leather, soft leather, imitation leather, cloth, rubber, plastic, rubber-plastic and rubber-plastic foam materials. Hard leather is processed from cow and pig skin, mostly used for leather shoes, and a small amount is used to make leather-soled cloth shoes. In addition, leather shoes also widely used imitation leather sole. Cloth is the main material of traditional cloth sole.

The old cloth is used as raw material and processed into a gusset or a bottom blank, and the hemp rope is used to make a thousand-layer bottom or a burlap bottom by hand or by machine. Plastic is mainly polyvinyl chloride resin, mostly used for plastic shoes and cloth shoes. Rubber has natural rubber and synthetic rubber, used for rubber shoes and cloth shoes. Soft leather has two kinds of artificial leather and natural leather, mostly used for cloth slippers and cloth shoes with soft soles. Rubber-plastic and rubber-plastic foam materials are mostly used for leather shoes and cloth shoes.

Accessories: mainly eyelets (ring, brazing), laces, rubber band fabric, Velcro, zippers, silk, cotton, hemp sewing thread (rope), nails, rivets, non-woven fabrics, cardboard, for the inner head and the main heel of the leather, a variety of decorations, supports, adhesives, and pastes and so on.